Gez takes to the White Collar boxing ring

Right Build’s Gez Manville will take part in an Ultra White Collar Boxing contest on Saturday night at the Millennium, Copthorne Hotel, Effingham Gatwick.

The concept of white collar boxing is to give people in ordinary jobs the chance to experience proper boxing bouts.

Tickets for the event, which is in aid of Cancer Research, are on sale until tonight and Gez’s supports have contributed £500 to sit on four tables and watch him battle it out in the ring.

“I’m actually fighting someone I know – Ben Jenner, who I used to play football with at Oakwood Football Club,” said Gez, who is the club’s all-time top scorer.

“You get eight weeks training and then they put you in a fight. I’ve been training at the Muay Thai Mixed Martial Arts Gym in Manor Royal under Paulo de Silver.”

While the charity is the organisers’ choice, he said: “I wanted to earn a bit of money for charity. I’ve known friends and family who have had cancer, I think it is a great cause and I thought it was a great thing to do before I got too old.”

Gez does have some previous experience in boxing, but said there is a significant difference between inter-battalion during his Army career from 1997-2002 and this event.

“I had six fights and won two tournaments,” he said. “But that was after a week’s training. I had no skills. If I had come up against someone who had boxed before I would have been annihilated.

“I was super fit and it was more aggression than anything. But now I’ve been learning more skills with WCB Crawley.”

He also represented the Combined Services in athletics and football while in the Army and now, working on maintenance service contracts and individual jobs at Right Build indoors and outdoors, has a physical job, plus he continues to play football with Right Build’s Darren Tidey and his brother Toby at Oakwood.

He has sold £500 worth of tickets on tables, and there are now only standing tickets left at £20 each, which are on sale until tonight through the UWCB website. The event starts at 4pm and Gez is fighting in the third bout.

Keep out of the kitchen – but only until we’ve finished it!

Quite a number of our jobs recently have been refitting kitchens and bathrooms, some for housing associations but many of them for private residential customers.

It was said during the recession that many people were saving their money and not moving house, but doing DIY renovations themselves.

Refitting a kitchen or a bathroom, however, is beyond what many people would consider their own skills, because it involves so many. It sometimes includes building work, but also needs plumbing and electrical work through to the finishes such as flooring and tiling.

You want to get it right of course, because the kitchen is a focal point of your domestic life – and a talking point for the nation if you happen to be David Cameron or Ed Miliband!

Many customers know what they want in terms of equipment such as an oven and even tiles, but they want people with professional skills to install everything, so that it is done to a great finish rather than potentially try, get it wrong and have to call in an expert after all when it goes wrong.

Many of the skills required are trade ones which need precision and care to get them right – and that’s where we at Right Build come in, with our all-round expertise.

We received a lot of orders for kitchens and bathrooms just after Christmas, which is typical when people put the festivities behind them. They start thinking towards summer and having friends round when the weather gets good enough to have parties and social gatherings.

And of course when you have people round, a lot of time is spent in kitchens, making them a focal point for visitors and therefore of the main areas of a house. A kitchen is also often a key access point to a garden, making it an even more key place in the home.

Now we are out of recession, many people are taking the plunge and moving home – and the first room they want to change the look of is the kitchen, because that is where they spend much of their time.

They often budget to not only buy the house but to improve the kitchen immediately.

Many people have an idea of ovens or fridges they want to use and sometimes the cupboards and tiles, but if not we can advise and source them accordingly.

In terms of commercial buildings such as a work place or housing association, a kitchen area can often be part of the communal space, so it is important to get it right and then to maintain it, which we will also do as part of a regular service contract.

So whatever your kitchen requirements, do give us a call on 01293 548311 or email info(@)rightbuildltd(.)com




Manville draws on White Collar Boxing debut

Right Build’s Gez Manville is considering a second bout in the White Collar Boxing ring, after drawing his fight at the Millennium, Copthorne Hotel, Effingham Gatwick.

Gez, who fought inter-battalion bouts with little training in the Army, was keen to test himself in the discipline.

The event, one of many by WCB across the country, raised thousands of pounds for charity including from 40 people paying £2,000 between them to watch his fight, which was one of 18.

Entering the ring announced as “Mean Machine Manville” the former Crawley Athletics Club competitor faced Ben “undefeated” Jenner, a former team-mate at Oakwood Football Club.

“I was frustrated, because every time I attacked, he was hugging me,” said Gez.

“I think I’m going to do it again and fight someone I don’t know, because it turned into a bit more of a brawl than a boxing match,” he said.

“I’ve fought people I know before. I fought six people (in the Army) and knew most of them, but on this occasion during the fight I just didn’t know how to act.

“I think if I had fought someone else on that night I would have won because I had sparred with them all and I thought I could beat them.”

Nonetheless, Gez enjoyed being part of the 18-fight occasion and raising money for Cancer Research.

He will now assess whether he could do the next eight-week training block programme scheduled by [White Collar Boxing] or whether he will come back to it at a later date.

“I’ve got to see about pre-season at Oakwood first,” said the utility player who mostly plays in defence these days but can also play as a forward. “We’ve got quite a good team and there’s competition for places.”

For now, on top of any football training, it is back to work with Oakwood FC pair Darren and Toby Tidey and Right Build, working on commercial and residential maintenance projects as either a one-off project or part of a contract.

Sleepers prop up fence for Southern Housing

It’s great to be outdoors in summer and for some jobs – like exterior painting – you have to do it when you can guarantee the weather is going to remain over a certain temperature 24 hours a day, because the paint won’t settle properly otherwise.

Many instructions on the product tins tell you this, but you would be amazed how many DIY enthusiasts ignore those instructions, think they can do it in winter and then wonder why the paint is coming off after a year or so, rather than after the several it should last.

However, there are some jobs that us workmen want things to be a bit cooler than last week’s heatwave – like when you are moving huge railway sleepers into place to support a fence.

This plan was the idea of Southern Housing in Brighton.

The garden next to this residential property’s back garden space was sinking because the earth under the patio was slipping.

They had put in a temporary measure and they had agreed with Southern Housing that they wanted a permanent solution, involving railway sleepers and then rebuilding the fencing.

It is a similar principle to putting in steels when you are taking down a supporting wall to knock two rooms into one, for example. This provided a better platform to support the fence.

This is the type of project we can do either as a one off project or as part of a complete maintenance service, using a multitude of trades from plumbing and tiling indoors to bricklaying and garden maintenance outdoors.

  • October 30, 2015
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We’re proud of our first garage conversion

As builders, we always enjoy the challenge of a new project and, even if we do lots of kitchen or bathroom refits which might sound similar, no two jobs are ever the same.

To turn that on its head, we recently carried out our first garage conversion, to make it a fully habitable and integral part of a house rather than an outside space. On the face of it, that might sound a challenge, but in fact we simply drew on several of the vast number of trades and skills we have at our disposal.

Faced with an empty shell of a garage at the location in Crawley Down, we needed to do plastering, both installing boards to the walls and ceiling and then plastering them to a finish so they could be decorated.

We also needed to knock through two walls, one internal and one external, leading to the back entrance and the hallway, plus source a UPVC and also an internal door.

We also put in new wall and base units with kitchen sink and did all the associated plumbing, plus electrical work.

In addition we put down new flooring and insulated walls.

The whole project took nearly three weeks.

We were really happy and proud at the end of it to be able to say we had completed a successful garage conversion.

During recent, weeks we have also carried out a number of bathroom installations.

Domestic work is just one line of our business. We also carry out regular maintenance service contract work, indoors and outdoors and sometimes both, at a range of domestic and commercial properties from office blocks and educational establishments to housing associations.